This service is oriented to our clients who desire to outsource human resources management, and since we are keen to ensure that all clients’ processes run smoothly in a standard form and with the minimum cost, we build Human Resources partnerships to keep them focused on the core matters of business. We provide full HR services by outsourcing all functions through our HR consultants who work at your company as part of your team members accomplishing all HR tasks, rules, conflict resolutions, systems  and  team  development  through  the  investigation  of  weaknesses.  We  provide  solutions  by  conducting  customized training   programs   according   to   your   needs,   moreover,   we   provide   performance   monitoring   and   employee   relations guaranteeing legal compliance with all related regulations..


We can assist our clients to investigate about wrong activities in their companies and about the fairness of consulting services provided by third parties that affect the company’s performance. Our investigation includes determining the wrong acts and people who responsible for such acts. In addition we can estimate the financial effect of these acts on the company.


Our  clients  may  need  to  establish  human  resources  management  system;  we  can  establish  human  resources  management system comprising seven elements as follow:

1) Human resources policy.

2) Human resources process.

3) Competent people.

4) Organization.

5) Human resources reporting.

6) Methodologies (tools & techniques).

7) Human resources information system (technology).

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