About us

MK Academy is an international firm that specializes in the development of the Human Capital of individuals and organizations through providing training programs to develop a wide set of employee skills. We at MK Academy aim to provide different kinds of internationally and national accredited programs on Personal, Leadership, and Professional Development.

At MK Academy we help participants and organizations make the most of our services which aim at increasing businesses productivity and competitiveness through the development of their manpower. We believe that the rich learning experiences our programs offer can trigger powcommunitieserful and positive transformations in individuals, as well as

in their communities, and in their institutions. We work worldwide to design and implement programs in which participants reach across – and live across – boundaries and borders. We aim do this in an atmosphere of mutual respect, organized collaboration, and fun.


Our mission is to design and deliver high impact development programs and un-matched deliverables that produce outstanding performance in organizations.


We envision maintaining a consistently excellent standard of achievement, leading our clients to success and taking pleasure in their success.

Our Team