About Me

Nasser has 22 years of consulting experience at outstanding financial institutions including the Arab Bank PLC, Jordan Kuwait Bank and the Egyptian Arab Land Bank. Nasser also has over 8 years of consulting and training experience at local and international institutions in the Gulf and the Middle East,.

Mr. Nasser’s outstanding training experience involved developing, preparing and implementing training programs in cooperation with international entities, with more than 200 training courses conducted in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Jordan. His consultancy experience covers a diverse span of projects, including evaluation and assessment of financial institutions, development of policies and procedures, composing Corporate Governance and Family Constitution Manuals, development of organizational structures and job descriptions.

Mr. Nasser has a BA in Accounting, Finance and Banking from Yarmouk University, Amman, Jordan. He has a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance- Portfolio Manager from the Institute of Banking Studies.